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Hire Purchase Shirkatul Meelk (Rickshaw)

Bangladesh is a country where the rickshaws (three wheeler mechanical cart) play an important role in the field of short distance transportation. It is the easiest means of transportation for the middle class people of the country. There is hardly any place in urban or rural area of Bangladesh where rickshaws and its pullers are not found.

Over 10 million rickshaws are plying in Bangladesh. Generally the poor class people of the country like this profession, laborious but easy way to pull it and earn their livelihood on a daily basis. It has been observed that mainly people from the rural area who come to the city for earning, they prefer this laborious profession. The reason is, simple way to hire a rickshaw from a garage for the day and not much skill is required to ply it although the profession demands sweat.

A new rickshaw may cost about total 10 thousand to 20 thousand taka depending on the cities. Rickshaw pullers may earn Tk. 200 to Tk. 1200 daily depending on the cities where they are plying it. Most of the rickshaw pullers in our country hire a rickshaw from a garage owner of the locality. It's notable that millions of rickshaw run in our country but owners are less than lacks (hundred thousand).

A rickshaw puller gets up early in the morning and takes a rickshaw from the garage start plying in the street carrying passengers from one place to another. They continue to do so in all weather, whether it is good or bad, hot sunny or heavy rainy day round the year. He has no weekend, no holiday, no recreation, and no change of life style. Their life is full with monotony and agony. The day he does not work he starves. Though a rickshaw puller pulls his rickshaw dawn to dusk and also after, he leads a very poor and hard pressed life. Generally he lives in a slum area, which is very unhealthy and unhygienic. As such he and his children often suffer from various diseases. HE CAN’T AFFORD to buy good food and clothes for himself and his family for want of money. The money he earns is spent mostly for buying his daily food. Thus his life is full of sorrows and sufferings.

Main reason of their financial suffering as found, at the end of the day they have to pay the major portion of his income to the garage/rickshaw owners. The rickshaw puller generally pays 100/- to 250/- daily to the garage or rickshaw owner as rickshaw hiring fee. So at the end of the day they have small amount in their pocket. But if he had his own rickshaw his life would not have been so miserable.

To wipe off the poverty and ensure a better life, DMCB gives new rickshaws to the rickshaw pullers against a daily installment equivalent to the rickshaw hiring payment. Under this investment program after 8-12 month of paying installments a rickshaw a puller becomes an owner of a rickshaw.

Amount Tk. Instalment Tk. Instalment
10,000 100 106
10,000 40 294
Installment Duration Rate
185 228 0.60%
227 280 0.50%
294 362 0.40%