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Bai - Muazzal (Consumer)

Other Investment :
Bai-Muazzal Consumer's Investment:
Bai – Muajjal Consumer's Investment are meant for people of fixed income group i.e. Service Holder. The above investment is repayable within one to two years depending upon the Investee's capacity/position.
Bai – Murabaha SOD Investment: The above investment are allowed against Mudaraba Term Deposit Receipts and Mudaraba Special Savings Scheme etc. In this case, investment constitutes up to a maximum of the 80% of the deposits amount and is realized on monthly installment basis.
Bai – Murabaha General Investment:
Many skilled workers, small traders are not able to procure investments/loans from scheduled bank for paucity of securities. Considering their locus standing and reputation, they are extended investments without securities to help them to be self-sufficient. Investees are not required to waste extra time for having investments. They are also not required to come to office to repay the investments. Rather the personnel's of the bank collect the installments from their door step on daily, weekly or monthly basis. For more details anybody may step in any of our branch offices and enjoy our co-operation and services.