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Bai - Murabaha (Micro Investment)

Micro Investment is the extension of very small loans (microloans) to impoverished borrowers who typically lack collateral, steady employment and a verifiable credit history limitation of both sides. Image left It is designed not only to support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty, but also in many cases to empower women and uplift entire communities by extension. Micro Investment is a division of micro-finance, which is the provision of a wider range of financial services, especially savings accounts, to the poor. The United Nations declared 2005 the International Year of micro investment. As of 2012, micro-investment is widely used in developing countries and is presented as having "enormous potential as a tool for poverty alleviation." Micro investment is ideally based on a unique set of principles that are readily distinguished from trends in wider credit market. Micro investment organizations were initially created as alternatives to the "loan-sharks" known to take advantage of members. Indeed, many micro lenders began as non-profit organizations and operated with government funds or private subsidies. By the 1980s, however the ‘financial system's approach,’ influenced by neoliberalism and propagated by the Harvard Institute for International Development, became the dominant ideology among micro investment organizations.

DMCB offer Micro Investment for small traders. For those reasons business men are going to DMCB:
They get collateral free Investment.
Business men receive investment in an easy process.
Business men pay their daily installment from their daily sales profit.
Daily installment is collected by the Bank’s Investment officer in daily basis.
There is no hidden charge.
Profit condone for advance payment.
All services are in one place.

Condition for Micro Investment:
Amount 600/- for membership and share.
Deposit 10 % lien money in his Al Wadiea A/C.
Open a DSP (Daily Sanchoy Prokolpo) and MSP(Monthly Sanchoy Prokolpo) A/C.
Charge for investment form and processing documents.

Investment Amount Daily Installment (% of Principle Amount) Installment Period
Any 2.60% 38 57
Any 1.02% 105 157
Any 1.00% 107 160
50,000/- and above 0.90% 120 180
75,000/- and above 0.80% 136 204
100,000/- and above 0.70% 158 237
200,000/- above 0.60% 188 282
300,000/- and above 0.50% 232 348
400,000/- and above 0.45% 263 394
500,000/- and above 0.40% 302 453
600,000/- and above 0.35% 356 535
800,000/- and above 0.30% 433 649
1,000,000/- and above 0.25% 553 829
2,000,000/- and above 0.20% 766 1149