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About Investment Officer

As a financial institution, the main function of DMCB is to collect deposits from its members and distribute them among other members in the form of investments. These preliminary activities are carried out under the close supervision of the officers working in the Department of Investment.

Initially the ' Investment Officer ' of the branch collects the members of the bank, after that he persuades the member to open a savings account and collects deposits from him. The next step is to distribute investments with the bank considering the transactions of the members, business trade and financial status and according to the needs of the members.

An investment officer strengthens the financial structure of the bank by collecting deposits and at the same time helps to maintain the financial discipline of the DMCBL by closing down the risky distribution of investments. The Honourable Chairman of the DMCBL, Group Captain Abu Jafar Chowdhury (Retd.), PSC very well recognizes the importance of the Investment Officers and he always praises their role. " An investment officer is the driving force behind the growth of a bank "

This Documentary video below is based on an Investment Officer of Uttara Branch of The Dhaka Mercantile Co-operative Bank Ltd. In this Documentary we will see the process of collecting daily installments of Micro Credit Investments and Savings from the Members and how an Investment officer daily engages himself with the process.

The main protagonist of this Documentary is Mr. Moniruzzaman a highly spirited energetic Investment Officer of Uttara branch of DMCB. He has been working in this Branch since 4/11/2015. This video mainly highlights on how Moniruzzaman collects installments from the money market, track them and prepares a daily data sheet with the information of daily collections. This documentary shows a daily routine work of Mr. Moniruzzaman the journey he takes to come to his work place, the way he travels from one member to another, official tasks he performs and meetings he attends. Over here we will observe how he balances his assigned works both inside and outside the branch. Mr. Moniruzzaman represents the Investment officers of DMCB, their dedication, hard work and honesty.